☆ Get Yer ASS KICKED By Nawgahyde!!!

“NAWGAHYDE could very well be STEEL PANTHER’S long lost redneck cousins – what a show!!”



Nawgahyde is a one-of-a-kind Rock & Roll Show, comprised of music from the 70’s, 80’s & today. Whether it’s Lynyrd Skynyrd & Foghat, Guns N’ Roses or Kid Rock, Nawgahyde’s performance is always entertaining & fun. The five personalities that make up the band are unique & unforgettable. The band resides in Los Angeles, for most of 2010 and 2011 they were the house band at Sunset Station Casino in Las Vegas.

Nawgahyde are a favorite among Biker Events and are also currently available for corporate events & private parties. Shows can be tailored to focus on one particular era of music upon request.

“As Legend Has It…..”

Nawgahyde are the self-described “Kings of Mustache Rock.” The band was formed by the Texas brothers Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth along with their cousin Skeeter. After a few rehearsals the band noticed that “somethin’ sounded funny.” It was soon discovered the band had no bass player & at that moment step-brother Florida Lee was added to the line up. It was around this same time that the band trademarked the phrase “I’ll Kick Your Ass.”
Just when the band was on the cusp of “makin’ it big”, tragedy struck. At a fourth of July barbeque, Fort Worth, in an effort to impress his brothers, tried an outlandish practical joke that went horribly wrong. Houston recalls, “All I remember is Fort Worth standing there with a can of beer in one hand and a roman candle in the other. I’ll never forget his last words…’Hey, watch this!’”

Determined to keep rolling, the band soon added guitarist Nacho, who they found standing outside of a local hardware store looking for employment. Incidentally, this store was later franchised and eventually became part of the chain known as Home Depot.


• Achy Breaky Heart
• All Summer Long
• Already Gone
• Bad Case of Loving You
• Born To be Wild
• Boys Are Back In Town
• Carry on Wayward Son
• Cat Scratch Fever
• Come Sail Away
• Don’t Fear The Reaper
• Enter Sandman
• Flirtin’ With Disaster
• Fool for the City
• Free Bird
• Free Ride
• Friends in Low Places
• Gimme Three Steps
• Hold On Loosely
• Hollywood Nights
• Hurts So Good
• Iron Man
• Jet Airliner
• The Joker
• Keep Your Hands to Yourself
• La Bamba
• La Grange
• Paradise City
• Renegade
• Show Them To Me
• Simple Man
• Slow Ride
• Hotel California
• Smokin’
• Surfin’ U.S.A.
• Sweet Home Alabama
• To All The Girls
• Tush
• Wanted Dead or Alive
• Welcome To The Jungle
• We’re an American Band
• Brown Eyed Girl
• Dust In the Wind
• Godzilla
• Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
• Takin’ Care of Business
• Sweet Child O’Mine
• Whippin Post
• Your Mama Don’t Dance
• Gimme All Your Lovin
• I Just Wanna Make Love To You
• Johnny B Goode